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Effective Communication

Effective communication entails the exchange of information by means of speaking, using body language or writing. The concept of effective communication is to transmit the content, ensure that it is received and fully understood by the recipient. In exhibit 17.2, the information being transmitted is about new devices put in place to combat crimes such as robbery. This method of communication in this exhibit is effective since apart from explaining the availability of the device, an explanation about its usage is given.

An instance where the device has been used is given and this gives an assurance about effectiveness of the device. To make communication effective, it is important to ensure the kind of recipients of the information. Some of the areas that need consideration include age, intellectual abilities, and sex. To make this information effective it is important to consider the intellectual abilities of the recipients, strong terms in technology are used such as “3D eyewitness”. If the recipients fail to understand the meaning of the terms, the communication may be ineffective.

Effective communication has goals, changing behavior of an individual or a group, creation of common perception about an issue and acquiring certain information are some of the goals. Exhibit 13.1 can be made effective in delivering information to wide group of people. This is because it is pointing at an issue and giving full explanation on the perspective taken. The source of the argument is well explained for instance, the issue on the structure of policing is looked at using available information.

IA is a critical department in policing, problems surrounding the unit is pointed out and solution given. This is a component of effective communication; it should aim at convincing people to have a common perspective about an issue. It may not be possible to tell people to take particular view without giving reasons. However, when an issue is highlighted and adequate information given to back up the views given, it is every easy to attract people in accepting the opinion.


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