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Families and Communities

It is important to note that however much communication can be exercised; it will not help much if there are no forums that will bring all these parties to experience learning together. It does not necessarily imply that the communities, parents and students have to be enclosed together in one room learning but this has an implication that, parents and communities have to know what there children are doing at school and make positive contributions towards the process (Shockley et al, 1995). For instance dialogue journals can be used to promote the ability of family and community members to write on subjects like their reaction to books read by the students at home or how apply various subjects like math in their day to day work and home lives.

The schools and communities have to establish forums that they can use to learn about each other’s linguistic, socioeconomic and cultural worlds. This goes a long way in creating strong foundations for students through establishing curriculums that are culturally relevant and instructions basing on family and community funds of knowledge.

In the above discussion, it has already been outlined that communication which is truthful and respectful is very important in enhancing school-parent-community involvement to ensure that the goals of the schools are accomplished. Much emphasis should be made on ensuring that it is not only the educators who communicate to external parties but they also get frequent communication from outside. This can be well facilitated by organizing family visits, out-of-school student activities conversations and parent/ community-teacher student-led conferences, setting up of a community/parent centre and liaison to manage efforts of involvement, and telephone communication (Shockley et al, 1995).

The aforementioned are personal contact strategies hence written communication strategies can be inform of: classroom newsletters, notes to promote keeping in touch, teacher-parent contract letters and end-year and introductory letters to both students and parents. Special consideration has to be given to the community if it is made up of families from diverse cultures, especially if their English speaking is limited, therefore all materials meant for them should be easy to understand and written in their preferred languages. Most importantly dialogue has to be used more often than note (Gonzáles et al, 2005).


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