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Fire is known to be among the most disastrous calamities. It destroys and consumes everything and thee is rarely anything that can be salvaged from a fire hit calamity (Gustin, 2010). To adequately protect such an occurrence, ACME Data Processing Company would need to watch the shipping company that deals with hazardous material, especially flammable substances that can easily spark fire. In this regard, ACME needs to understand that flammable material can easily get ignited in a social setting where people can smoke or ignite fire. Sparks can even come from electric shocks and cause disastrous fires in the whole region. If such an occurrence was experienced, ACME would lose hardware, software and data. The company needs to have proper measures to prevent fire from occurring or recover their data in case it happened.

To protect the company data, ACME would need to build a data centre that would be away from the rest of the buildings. The centre would be both fire and smoke resistant, with a minimum resistance of an hour. Its doors should be at an equal resistance rating as the walls, and should be located away from any business that would be hazardous or near any combustible facility (Gustin, 2010). The cables and any other installation used in this facility should be plugged or sealed properly with fire-resistance material. A ventilation system should be dedicated to its purpose and air pressure within the centre should be slightly higher than the rest of the surrounding to reduce the probability of smoke getting into the centre.

Material used to store data as well as furnishings should at least have an hour fire resistance. Fire detection systems should be put in place while there should be systems to suppress fire (Gustin, 2010). Quick response measures should be in place to ensure fast reaction to reduce damages. It should be easy to maintain the prevention system. Regular checks should be done at all times to ensure that there is the least chance of data loss. Finally, the organisation should have a data recovery system that would ensure that there is no data loss in case all the measures that have been put in place do not work.


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