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Google Memo

Google uses the vast amount of data and information gathered from the users and kept for analysis to make most of its financial decisions. The Google Company officials make decisions based on the processed information to develop cost effective methods to gain profits in the future, improve products, provide better services and maintain competition superiority in the data market. Google stores user data directly and indirectly. Installation of tracking cookies and ads provides Google with information on the changing trends of its users around the globe. When a user is using Google services, Google gets to know what the user is searching for, which websites they visit and what blogs, articles, journals and news they read. With this information, Google is able to group data appropriately to fit the users’ needs. It is also able to examine trends and behaviors of users worldwide and project future market trends. These projections are used in making decisions hence design products that are relevant to the market. Since Google earns much of its money through Google Search engine by knowing more about its users, it is able to serve them more effectively.


Google Company has been on its peak on the data market and as a search engine, it has developed new services and products such as Google Plus, Gmail service and Google Maps. It is not without question that one wonders, how does Google get this data, analyze it and make future-dependent decisions based on it?


To determine ways in which Google uses data and information to make better decisions in the future. The decisions involve financial stability, products and/or services promotion and competition superiority.


Google Company applies research methodology, in combination with design, product strategy, and engineering creativity. Information acquired from users provides the basic research fields for the company. Researchers and designers within the company around the world provide support through real-world insights. The Google Company acquires data and information from users through feed burner, clicks, ranks, server log, language, search engine results page, query, country code domain, Google account, Google finance, Google check out, YouTube, Google merchant search, notebook, health, grand central and personalized search.

Google uses the above data to benefit financially in many ways. Many clients around the world carry out business on-line; therefore, any gathered information about the users of the internet is extremely valuable to the giant company. Google serves as the leading company to poses the information. The clients search as Amazon, Microsoft, Dealfish and advertising agencies have to buy the information from the Google Company. The information provides clients with details on which website is mostly visited, in which country and most searched products.

Google is not left behind; it also uses the information for its own benefit. Using qualitative and quantitative methods, Google relates the data on how to promote its own products and services. Google is able to find out what the users need, for example, the need for continuous communication through social sites has lead Google to design and promote Google+. The frequent search of directions by users has further lead Google to adapt and create a new product Google Maps. This has promoted the company into new levels with the subscriptions rising daily.

According to the CEO of Google Company (2008) Eric Schmidt, Google’s ability to nurture and engage young innovators with skills and ideas has made it all happen. The company has seen exceptional services develop from top talented individuals all over the world. With information on what the users need the company develops ideas, by providing funds and machinery. The company thus promotes its rights and financial gains. The services may involve, telephone services online, online doctors, and personalized search engines.

For an organization to be successful Lynch (2000) has explained three key areas in which the organization has to manage its strategies, these areas are: the internal environment, external environment and its aptitude to add value to its products.  Google has adopted a linear relationship between these areas. To ensure that it remains a head of its competitors, Google is pursuing a growth strategy of mergers and acquisitions with other related businesses in order to ensure that it adapts to new technologies and processes instead of developing them internally. Google external environment keeps changing creating more opportunities and challenges. To ensure that it adapts to new systems, cultures and strategies to be align with these changes. Google has adopted changes such as acquisition of companies at different stages of the company’s development. To date it has acquired over fifty companies. Goggle’s highly talented leadership team and workforce have enabled the company to execute its strategies. The company’s tradition emphasizes on flexibility, innovation, teamwork and precision (Davis 1994). Its aggressive hiring policy is fair and favors ability over experience.

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Google manipulates information of its users to financially benefit itself, promote its product and services and edge out its competitors. It is thus paramount to have background information on the expected end user. The information will help the executive make decisions based on facts in the real world. This will reduce the risk to error and boost confidence on the products and services offered.


For better future business succession, it is vital to adapt and put in place, user based information, prior to any executive decision. The enrolment of new ideas and skills from individuals among the end users is crucial.  Quick utilization of business opportunities, however, minor it might seem should be adopted. This will provide a competitive benefit among the competing businesses.


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