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Group Formation and Communication

I hope you are fine. I believe you are aware that the company is expecting new employees and as the new manager responsible for introducing new employees to their workmate, its’ your duty to train them to become good team players and good group communication skills. As the out going manager from that section, am well aware that you have limited background as far as group formation and communication is concerned. I therefore find it important to write to you this memo to inform you on major issues concerning group formation and communication.

The five stages of group formation and communication

Stage 1: Forming

Stage 2: storming

Stage 3: Norming

Stage 4: Performing

Stage 5: Adjourning

Formation of Relationship in a Group

This requires clear understanding of individual attitudes, behaviours, ability to change attitudes. Relationships either balanced or unbalanced.

The role of group communication

This facilitates the transfer of information among members. Proper communication network must be put in place for effective communication.


Barriers to Good Communication

  • Physical barriers.
  • Perceptual barriers.
  • Emotional barriers.
  • Cultural barriers.
  • Language barriers.
    Gender barriers.
  • Interpersonal barriers.
  • Information overload.
  • Too complex message.
  • Poor organization and preparation.
  • Different statue among your audience.

Techniques to overcome communication barriers and enhancing group communication

Try to make your message to be simple and clear. Deliver the most relevant message and leave the less necessary. Create a two way communication system. Use the language that is going to be under stood by the majority. Use sign language if possible for illustrations. Be confidence when addressing the audience. Ensure that you are visible to the audience when addressing them Make the written message visible and attractive. Be a little entertaining while addressing the audience to win their attention.


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