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Informal Proposal

Need statement

The lack of communication has been a considerable problem in my place of work. The lack of communication from managers to employees and from employees to managers has resulted to serious problems and losses too. The two groups feel that the other is responsible for the problems that exist in the company. In order to solve the problems that exist in the organization there is a need for the two groups to develop a form of communication channel that will bring the two groups to discuss their issues.


First, the organization has to identify issues that led to communication breakdown.  Understanding the issues that led to communication breakdown can help in the formation of strategies to heal the strained relationship. Secondly, the organization should identify ways of restoring communication between the two groups. It should bring the two groups to talk about the problems that exist between them. Thirdly, the organization can now work on resolving the problems that exist between the two groups.


The sooner a manager understands an employee the more effective they get in management. On the other hand, employees who feel connected to their manager become highly productive and focus on their work. Therefore, both parties will appreciate the perspectives where they agree and differ when they have a greater understanding of their working relationship dynamics.

Plan of action

As a plan of action, the organization will start by engaging in discussions with each group and identify their problems. After that, the organization will bring the two groups together through representatives and address their issues together. The organization will then draw new ways and procedures of communications between the two groups that will help solve future problems. It will set meetings for follow up to ensure that the goals have been realized.  All these strategies must take into account the importance of communication. Communication must act as a central factor in every step.


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