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Internet Policies

The violation of internet policies could have far reaching legal impacts. For instance, a business may easily be declared guilty of infringing another party’s copyright if they violate any of the exclusive rights accorded to the copyright owners under the internet policy contained in the Copyright Act. Among them is the right that protects individual’s work from being reproduced, displayed or distributed by other people. As such, the creators of website must be cautious to ensure that they only post the kind of work that is original and a creation of their own minds.

In addition, the government internet policy has perfectly drawn the legal line concerning copyright and trademark concerns. These involve the slogans or images specifically designed to identify a particular set of goods that are unique to the owning party. As such, one could be charged of infringing these rights when they unlawfully use these signs to identify their own goods. For instance, it would give a false impression that products of the defendant are identical to those of the owner of a trademark both in quality and content. As such, marketers should be alive to this fact as it can erase all the economic gains made through a series of case battles and legal fines.

In conclusion, website remains an important tool in global business today. As such, every meaningful business must seek to obtain and preserve their domain names in the safest ways possible. However, this has to be done in a way that is completely above board and that is in agreement with the various internet policies. This is the only way marketers will create their wealth and enjoy it away from the legal court battle.


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