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Large Equipment Sale

Large equipment sale

The dialogue below is a conversation between a salesman to a company that sells large equipments such as Bobcats and Bulldozers and a potential buyer.

The dialogue is based on Socratic dialog discussion threads and the main objective is assuring the buyer that the company deals with genuine products.

Buyer:  Good morning

Salesman: Good morning to you Sir, welcome to Q general motors.

Buyer: Thank you.

Salesman: How can I help you?

Buyer: I would wish to purchase some large equipment, but I can only see a bulldozer in you display. Have you run out of stock?

Salesman: Well, this is big company and we cannot run out stock, come on let me walk you to the showroom where there are a variety of products, here we are.

Buyer: Wow! It’s quite large and how much does this bulldozer cost?

Salesman: This one goes for 135,000$.

Buyer: Interesting, don’t you think that is too high (he takes a closer look).

Salesman: Not really, considering its quality. However that one over there is relatively cheaper and it is equally good. (They both walk towards another bulldozer)

Buyer: You mean this one?

Salesman: Yes. It costs 4,000$ cheaper.

Buyers: Why that big difference?

Salesman: Well, the cost varies it depends on its engines power out put and fuel consumption, for instance this one will consume a little bit more however, the out put is the same.

Buyer: Talking of quality don’t you think consumption negatively influences the quality?

Salesman: Not really the two varieties are from the same manufacturer and both have genuine parts from the best companies in the country.

Buyer: Which one would you prefer if you were in my position?

Salesman: Well, this first option has a higher initial cost but its maintenance cost is relatively cheaper. On the other hand this one here has a friendly initial cost but maintaining it may be higher. In both cases the final expenditure will differ by a few dollars.

Buyer: That about the lifetime?

Salesman: It is about the same period.

Buyer: How long is their warranty?

Salesman: The two has a warranty period of 6 months.

Buyer: wow! That is great


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