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Marketing Communication

As noted above the creativity of this promotion relied on the interface between the parents and their children. Indeed, this was a good thought that needed to be followed up effectively. As pointed out before, McDonald’s war should have been won during planning, but it was not. It was lost there and despite late creative comebacks little could change. Introducing a press kit or the Hummer website had little effect (Burton, 2006).

Evaluation of information strategy

The information channels used were not up to the task. McDonald’s attempt to attract media attention hit the rocks very early. A terrible move was the insistence of seeking this attention through the same links. They later introduced a Hummer kid’s website that would have made up for the media snob they had encountered. Unfortunately, mismanagement led to a worse media response with claims of the site's failure to update comments against the promotion. The consequence was the dominance of anti-Hummer promotion on the web platform (Duncan, nd).


McDonald’s should have changed their marketing strategy the moment they sensed negative response, but even before starting their giveaway action should have been informed by a clear understanding of the target. Additionally, pilot or trials should have been done first before considering the marketing strategy seriously (Collier, 2006).


In conclusion, it is notable that the ultimate point of failure in McDonald’s marketing communication strategy occurred to a bigger extent at the point of field experience. In this stage, targets of a message, in our case consumers, hear what is in accordance with their beliefs. And their acquired knowledge informed their judgment that advertising a vehicle that is not modern in responding to environmental needs and alive to economic conditions was a miscalculation that deserved protest. It is clear that McDonald’s took for granted this among other sensitive factors defining consumer preferences (Elderman and First, nd).

Analysis and argument

All marketing communication strategies must appreciate the role played by a well-thought information process. McDonald’s is a victim of such omission since they ignored public information before and after the giveaway launch. The most prudent approach to a successful strategy is gathering information, anticipating what it indicates, acting upon it and, lastly, designing a strategy that obeys what you know and anticipate. The results are a communication strategy geared towards the best results in consumer response (Roy, 2009).


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