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Media Reactions

The New York Salon Times news article “Self-deportation doesn’t shrink the shadow economy” attracted my attention more than any other news coverage. In this article, the reporter Leonard Andrew presents the Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney for his support of the “self-deportation” approach of dealing with the illegal undocumented immigrants in the United States of America. According to the politician, this is the only humane way of removing illegal immigrants from the U.S. compared to the Immigration Policy center backed forced deportation.

The article explains that “self-deportation” will give all the undocumented immigrants freedom to leave U.S. for their respective home countries in their own volition- a strategy that will not involve the direct government action as implemented by the ICE enforcement agents. Nevertheless, the New York Times maintain that the deportation strategy proposed by Mitt Romney can work only if the labor laws and other punitive laws are tightened so as to make the lives of immigrants miserable to the breaking point. This is the only way “self deportation” could become an effective crack down on the immigrants.

The History of Deportation

Following the recent economic recession that worst hit the economy of the United States of America, the Federal government has come up with the proposal to have all illegal immigrants throughout the U.S. deported back to their home countries. This measure will ensure that the human population in all Federal states is reduced to a considerable level for the purposes of effective State’s budgetary planning, equal allocation and subsequent use of the states’ resources.

Secondly, the flaring rates of unemployment in the United States of America is attributed to the influx of illegal immigrants therefore their lawful deportation could helped ease pressure of  unemployment among the natives as well as problems related to housing, overcrowding in public schools and health care facilities. There is an awakening call on the ICE by the U.S. Congress to come up with deportation strategies of the undocumented immigrants. On their side, the illegal immigrants are not willing to leave U.S. no matter hard the situation that would come their way. Deportation is the only feasible solution to the prevailing economic hardships posed by influx of immigrants into the U.S.


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