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Media is an important tool or factor in the community and the role it plays in terms of communication is so crucial. In most occasions, it forms and reflects on the opinions of the public. It portrays the image of the population and other relevant issues to the community. Most of the population today is able to be connected to the world and get the information from different places through the media. The more changing rate of the world’s economy and other related issues can be seen to be attributed to by the media; therefore in this case, the media is portrayed as the torch bearer or a determining factor in all the affairs of the world. Every current information whether in the field of politics, businesses, marketing, weather and even science can be accessed through the media channels.

Today a more complex interaction between the society and the media is seen to flourishing due the Medias capability in the generation of the information. The media too has a network that relates and has the ability to influence the information with their variety of interpretations and the evaluation of the i9nformation provided from within and without their context. This also imply that the media has a great influence to any population relying on its information due to the cultural influences that are likely to operate through any media context.

It is therefore seen that the media can have a relatively strong influence on the cultural and social lifestyle of any given community. This is strongly supported through their ability in reaching the wider audience with the messahgr4s that are influential land strong. Media is too seen to influence the people’s lives on daily basis and routine structure.

According to the recent studies in the past few decades, particular programmes on the televisions have greatly been seen to affect most family members who in this are the young people and the children (Freedman, 2000). Freedman asserts that the direct link in which the media is seen to affect population has not been really established basing on the literatures written on the study, despite this there is till growing consensus that show that children are still vulnerable to the images that hare violent and the messages. Television programmes have been found to negatively have an impact on the learning of some students and even the performance thereby affecting their mental and the physical development of their health. In relation to this, the study reveals that the time that children spent on watching television programmes is a lot that the time spending the time on reading, exploring the nature and even playing.

Some other studies reveal that the television viewing has resulted making some of the children who are addicted to it to develop childhood obesity this is according to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada whose statistics confirm that in every four children between the ages of seven and twelve, one of them must be suffering from obese. The time wasted here could have been used constructively in sporting activities than watching television. The viewing of violent television programmes have also to the increased fear in the children. According to studies, female children are more vulnerable to this effect than adults whenever they watch violent programmes on the television at home. The effect of the violent programmes on the television makes them develop the attitude of fear or become afraid on the circumstances of the world around them. In another context which is the decentralization of real life violence are depicted in cartoons that have the real consequences of violence. Violent television programmes when watched by children contribute to increased aggressive behavior in the children who are victims of watching these programmes. In most occasions, some children have had to nurture their characters based on the role models they get from the programmes they watch. Some families have had to give their children names of certain characters in the famous programmes they watch. These on the other hand have greatly impacted the upbringing of the child who may be violent in relation to the character portrayed by the role model. According to Barker (2001), fear that is based on the real events of news does increase in children as they get older and are in position differentiate between fantasy and the reality.


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