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Message Portrayed by the Media

The central message of The Salon Times is that the numbers of the undocumented immigrants are enormously large and that they have to be deported at the end of it all if at all the U.S. must spring back to its original economic levels. The media alludes that illegal immigrants are directly responsible for the flaring rates of unemployment among the U.S. citizens, the looming housing crisis, overcrowding within the public educational facilities, pressure on health facilities, and food shortage. According to the writer of the article, the severity of most American problems could be alleviated with the mere deportation of illegal immigrants.

Most offending of all, the articles supports that notion that the illegal immigrants cannot go back to their countries of origin on their own hence there is a dire need for more stringent immigration and labor laws whose unbearable aftermaths would forcibly see undocumented immigrants out of the United States. However, the concept of “self deportation” is coined by the Republican Party to give the looming deportation exercises a human face.

The media coverage was an outright bias because it portrays undocumented immigrants as an economic liability to the United States of America yet they are the driving force behind the American labor force.  More so, the United States of America needs the illegal immigrants to provide them with labor more than any other thing therefore the relationship between the two parties should not be depicted asymmetrically. In this perspective, the media failed to present the issue objectively but rather as a sensationalized issue. In facts and figures, U.S. needs the services of undocumented immigrants more than ever before.

Public Perception of Deportation

Following the intense deportation campaigns across the U.S., the populations of the suffering American citizens’ view the foreign immigrants- both documented and undocumented- as the actual cause of unemployment, housing crisis, and the ongoing hard economic times. As a result of reading this article, the American public blindly applauds the deportation exercise without necessarily taking contributions of the undocumented immigrants to the American economy into account. It goes without say that the media article promotes prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping in the wider American society.

Whenever the immigrants are seen in the public place, they are perceived as masqueraders who do not belong to the United Sates rightfully but candidates of self deportation. The bad blood between the two groups in America civil society, as fueled by the article, is capable of inflating the incidences of discrimination of immigrants in public places and facilities such as schools, hospitals, and recreation centers.

Finally, the much awaited deportation of all the undocumented immigrants from the U.S. will impact negatively on the American economy. It is projected that once all illegal immigrants are all deported, U.S. will lose 34% of its current labor force- both skilled and non-skilled. Considering that a good percentage of employees are immigrants, all the staff facing possible deportation should be assured of their future at the workplace and the company provides them with all the special needs. There should also be policies and regulations in place to control incidences of discrimination and other acts of demeanor against immigrants at the workplace.


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