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Power Standby Systems

Power standby systems are inevitable features that telecommunication and other computer based organisations have to effectively put up. This reduces the interruptions to important processes that may lead to danger of destruction of the system and the important processes they carry out. To set up an effective power standby system for such organisations, necessary steps are taken as discussed below.

First, the organisation should develop a system design that is based on sound engineering principles (Gustin, 2010). This includes a plan that gives the organisation an adequate guideline on actions needed to counter a disastrous power loss. The process of determining the needs starts with the determination of power requirements. Secondly, there is need to determine the existing system types so that the standby system would adequately replace the existing one in case of main power loss. The organisation has to weigh between batteries, generators, Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPSs) or an alternate power source.

The probable period of power loss is also used to determine which standby system would be most appropriate. Batteries would last less long than generators and UPSs. It would therefore be better to use generators where prolonged power loss is expected. The switch between power loss and activation of the standby system should be considered since in some systems, a prolonged switch would lead to data loss and damaging of processes.

Maintenance of the standby system is important and has to be considered since the organisation has to balance the system and maintain it sustainably and in a profitable way. It should not diminish profits and should equal or insignificantly exceed the existing power system.


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