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In each and every occupation, communication is core as people must communicate with one another. Likewise, in nursing, communication is very important for the correspondence between the patients and the nurses (Carpenito-Moyet 2009). Written communications in this particular case plays critical role as the kind of information shared between the nurse and the client in most cases require a lot of review and referrals. Diagnosis that a nurse does to a patient may also see another nurse altogether administering the drugs even in the absence of the nurse who did the writing. This paper thus analyses the gist of professional communication in the nursing profession.

Purpose of professional writing in nursing

Nurses are required to make a variety of functional writing in their profession. These range according to the purpose for which the writing activity is to be conducted (Carpenito-Moyet 2009). Most importantly is the care plan writing. Many people have been admitted to the hospitals and their records taken, they then proceed to be examined and the nature of their diseases or conditions noted down. Moreover, the kind of diagnosis given is recorded before the final conclusions are made by the attending nurse. All theses literature scribed down from the time a patient is received at the health facility to type time the patient is discharged, including the follow up recovery details are components of the care plan writing. Well, as you can see, such writing may seem so simple, but with the variations and logical requirements involved it may turn out to be not that easy.

In the field of nursing, there is a lot to be learnt. In many cases, most people are destined to learn only what is provided for in the curriculum to be covered. Such content material is very fundamental. However, to make an effective nurse, one is required to go the extra mile and learn something outside the prescribed syllabus. I have come to realize that personal enthusiasm and zeal to learn in this nursing field are very important. This is because such motives will drive one to read far and wide and accumulate many materials which are not provided for in the class work structure. The personal reading will help a nurse learner to be equipped with the most current affairs in the nursing field, some of which are not covered in the class work books published decades ago (Cowen and Moorhead 2006). As nurse learners therefore, people should take the initiative to read external and relevant literature to get all the information required for the practical practice of the profession in the field.

Maybe one is wondering where such information may be available. It is important to clarify the facts and point out that in the field of nursing, sometimes one need to be more vigilant and learn from their environment (Cowen and Moorhead 2006). On daily basis, we come to hear of new and unfamiliar diseases attacking people and people get treated. When one comes across literature dealing with the same, whether it is in the daily news papers, magazines and journals, they should not be trashed to the dust bin but read and understood. If possible, one would be required to keep a copy for future references and use. Being open minded will thus help to equip one to the real application of what have been learnt during the duration of the course. In addition, it is important to point out that in this field, there is no experimentations with the procedures, because that would mean experiments with life of someone (Miaoulis). So it is better to learn the tactics earlier from someone else before it reaches your own hands.

In addition, for one to be an effective nurse, you must have above average writing skills. In our example of care plan writing, it can be found out that a lot of care should be taken the moment one holds a pen to write information about the patient. This is because each and every detail written about a patient counts a lot in the life of the person. During our interview with Miaoulis, a professional nurse, she clarified the importance of writing skills to the nurse practitioner. She clearly outlined that in this field of nursing professional writing about the patient should be done with utmost care. Giving of prescriptions for use by another nurse to give diagnosis in the absence of the writer mean that such writing should be precise and accurate. She goes ahead to clarify that a slight mistake can actually cause a person’s life.

As a nurse student, one is required to do a lot of both professional and informal writing. However, one needs not to worry about the complexities in the field of nursing language. Although when making the care plan writing one is not required to use complex terms, more so on those parts which the patient would be required to read, understand and follow instruction for him/herself. (Carpenito-Moyet 2006) The only challenges in the use of technical terms are in the situations where some bacteria, virus or organisms will be required to use their scientific names for references. This will majorly involve the components of care writing which would involve the professional communication between nurses. The good news is that the rules remain the same. Just like human beings would be called Homo sapien, so are the other naming of organisms which follow the same trends. In this case, Homo is the genus name and sapien being the species name. Most of these words will be available in the medical dictionary and one is allowed to refer and acquaint themselves with these terms.

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In the current world, there are various contemporary issues which many professional nurses do write about (Cowen and Moorhead 2006). For instance, the inclusion of technological advances. Nowadays, it is an increasing trend where nurses are required to make use of technological implements in their professional writing. A student nurse will thus need to be familiar with the computer applications so as to help in the keeping of the patient data more effectively and most efficiently. At this particular juncture, a student nurse should realize that taking computer studies as a nurse student will be very important for their career development and growth.

From the above analysis, it can be noted that professional communication in the field of nursing is very paramount. As a student nurse, one is therefore required to familiarize themselves with such professional writing so as to ensure effective communication and professionalism. Taking into realization that student nurses will have direct influence on the lives of people, a lot of assertiveness on their parts is therefore called for. All nursing students should therefore take the initiative to learn more for efficiency of their work.

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