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Public Speaking

Key Points to Note in Delivering a Public Speech

All speeches in spite of what they contain require effective preparations made before one delivers a decent speech. Most individuals’ ignore the idea of preparing for a presentation and doing practise. Studying the words and making preparations ensure that the audience and presenter have a positive experience. Public peaking also involves practise. With practice, one perfects the weak areas. There are several tools that enhance a powerful speech. The key focus is on the tools practised in the last two weeks.

The use of speaking cards is essential. Using speaking cards enables one to emphasise on the points memorized and put them into the presentation. One does not necessarily have to memorise the entire speech. One only has to be familiar with the use of these cards as they assist when memory lapses. Speaking cards also assist the speaker to stop being nervous and reduces excessive hand movements.

Another key element to apply in speech is involving the audience in the speech. We do this using some opening remarks and obtaining responses from the audience. This gives one an idea of the direction of their interest and their mood. If the audience are in a light mood, one can use a few jokes to maintain their interest. Get to the root of the topic, summarize it, and end the discussion if the audience are too serious. It is preferable to have a shorter speech than a lengthy and monotonous speech. When involving the audience, it is vital to know when and what to inquire to engage them. Audience love fun and entertainment. Once in a while, break up the presentation with some jokes or activities that can brighten up the whole process.

Having a proper eye contact with the audience during a presentation is also crucial. The eyes are the windows to the soul. Through the eyes, one can see through an individual even if the person tries to hide the truth. Poor eye contact with the audience indicates lack of confidence in the speaker and lack of belief in the topic being presented. It also creates a barrier between the speaker and the audience. It also makes one seem untrustworthy and unsure. This drags down the presentation and removes the life in it. Therefore, when presenting one needs to try to find a friendly face with which he/she can maintain eye contact. Be careful not to maintain too much focus on one individual. Eye contact should be accompanied with a smile. The smile ought to be genuine.

In conclusion, public speaking requires well-prepared communicative output practises. This in-turn creates a supportive environment during the actual presentation. One can make mistakes without fear of embarrassment and builds up self-confidence. When one is nervous, and the audience notices it, it is disastrous. The audience will switch of and ignore the presentation. With this, I would like to thank all that have facilitated a break through in this class. First, I thank the school for availing the learning materials necessary for the lessons. Secondly, I would like to thank my professor for instilling the virtues that have enabled me to be able to stand out in speeches. The lessons have instilled confidence and are able to make superb speeches with the audience’s full participation.


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