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Reality Television

“The Hunger Game” is a very unique book by Suzanne Collins. The events in this book take place after the North America’s destruction. During this season or time, the author observed reality shows competition and an invasion of Iraq footage. This paper seeks to discuss the impact of reality television on the society.

Reality shows have both a negative and positive impact on society. The younger generation cannot tell the difference between reality and fake shows. This shows change their social lives. The reality shows become a part of the young generation’s learning experience. Teenagers are at the age when they try to find their real identity. Some realty television shows confuse them more about their identities. However, the reality shows are very entertaining.

Reality television shows are not only exciting and interesting but are also very addictive. This is because the shows mimic reality, and thus the audience feels a compulsion of knowing the outcome of the show (Murray 279). The shows keep the audiences on their toes by keeping the them in suspense exploring unimaginable facts and ideas. In this way, it keeps the audience glued to the television every time the show is on. These shows also appeal to the audience’s fascination with creating stars overnight. In this way, they keep the reality shows interesting, exciting, and addictive.

However, many people still question “the reality” of reality shows. In this book, children are randomly chosen and, to the amusement of the people, are sent to fight a deathly fight. This has some similarities to the reality shows on television today. The games involve fighting and hiding. The main agenda is to kill the other parties. This simply means that those taking part must be alert. This is also similar to the reality television shows. In that the competitors must be alert or risk being caught unawares. Both the hunter games and the reality television shows are made for one similar purpose. The purpose is entertainment of the viewers and audiences.

Television games are very different from hunter games. One of the differences emerges from the fact that the reality television show participants between cuts are provided with facilities such as water and food during the break. On the other hand, the hunter games competitions are scripted and planned out. It is also evident that reality shows are not real and the competitors can predict what will happen next. Alternatively, hunger games are hard or difficult to predict (Holmlund 14). This is because there is a truth element that is unpredictable. The safety of the competitors and participants in the reality television shows is guaranteed, and thus the participants finish the game unharmed. On the other hand, hunger games are basically about survival to death. Hunter games are authentic in the sense that they have certain limitations as opposed to reality television shows which have simply overshadowed reality.

Reality shows use curiosity to allure the audience or the public. This is because the public is always curious about what they do not know or what they think is a mystery. In this way, the reality television shows introduce new things, unimaginable ideas, and unexplored facts to attract the attention of their audiences. The entertainment value of these shows has risen at a very high rate. Many people tend to prefer violence, shock value, talents, and celebrities among many others. The audience may be aware of the manipulation but this does not affect their perception to the shows. Aggressive marketing is also another factor that has helped to allure and merit reality television shows. Reality shows have gained popularity due to the aggressive marketing. Reality shows can easily fool the public (Barone 66). What is unreal is made to look real. In this way, the audience tends to believe these shows and compares them with their everyday lives. Other people simply watch the shows because their friends and family members are watching. In this way, they are aware of the newest trends and fashion and thus do not feel out of place during conversations.

Reality shows are not only unpredictable but are also far-reaching and multiprolonged. Some reality shows are based on false and fake realities which have a negative effect on the audience and society at large. These reality shows do not take into consideration the mind set and the consequences to the audience. Their main goal and objective is to make profits. This simply means that reality shows only entertain but do not have any other benefits to the society. This does not mean that all reality shows have no benefits. There are a few reality shows that are beneficial to the society (Suzanne 109).

Presenting peoples real life struggles as an entertainment has positive and negative aspect. The reality shows help people to forget their life struggle by laughing at the problems. However, this does not solve the problems. It is only a momentary solution to the problems. This simply means that the reality shows dehumanize people in some ways. Critics have classified realty shows as a weapon of mass destruction.

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The moral teaching of the hunter games is to understand the core value of morality. Reality television shows is a source for information, summaries, episodes, games, and discussions. However, these shows can have a negative impact on the society.


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