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Recipe for Success

Recipe for Success

Communication relates information from one person to another and it has been used since the beginning of mankind. Good communication is one of the vital requirements in the society. There exists several ways of communicating with other people but only a few stands out above the rest. Personally, I was being scared do communicate to some people because I was an introvert  and I preferred spending most of my time in the house but I had a desire of developing good communication skills. After some weeks, I managed to overcome my fears and I could approach all people without hesitation. To achieve this, there were many aspects that I had to consider. For instance, trust must exist for any communication to be effective, listening is vital, face to face communication is better than other ways of communication; individual personality styles should be considered, destructions must be limited, feedback from the audience must be considered and there must be care on the words that are used in the communication process because individuals attaches their own meanings to the words. My communication skill that involved all this aspects has greatly boosted my interaction with all people ranging from my fellow students to other members of the public.

In conflict communication, the greater percentage of the population wants to be understood and feel that they are being heard. They tend to say a lot about their point of view to make other people/audience see things their own way. If this is allowed to continue all the time, there will be little or no focus on other people’s point of view and no person will feel understood. In respect to this, I try to examine the other side which enables me to explain mime better. In addition, I try to look for solutions that meet the needs of every person instead of seeking to win the arguments. This focus is more effective than a case where one tries to get what he wants at the expense of others. Therefore, a healthy conflict communication must involve finding of resolutions that are accepted by both sides.

            Whenever I communicate to my audience, I set the goals that I want to achieve. These goals are important as they guide me through the entire communication process. For instance, they help me involve the most relevant aspects of the process. I also consider my audience and this implies that I am always ready to consider their point of views. Finally, I have used the principles above and they seem to work well in my communication processes. For instance, the validation of other people is vital.

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