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Social Networking Sites

The invention of computers has led to the invention of different technologies that have greatly changed social life of people. One such technology is the internet. This has also led to invention of web pages, email, cloud computing, and social networking. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkln, and You Tube have changed the way people socialize, communicate, and perform businesses.

Social networking sites enable people to interact and make friends all over the world without physically seeing each other. People just get friends of their friends and request them for friendship. Once the friend request is accepted, they become friends and start interacting over the internet.

People can nowadays chat with friends from any location using social networking sites. This helps in sharing ideas, answering questions, and making stories. It is very convenient since those communicating get instant feedback. People can also find lost friends and relatives using social networking sites. This is done by the much functionality provided by social networking sites. The sites, Facebook for example, allow friends to be found by searching their names, email addresses, and high school names. The technology therefore unites people regardless of their locations.

Social networking sites also enable businesses to market and advertise their products and services (Hanson, 1999). It also provides support to their customers on issues concerning their products and services. Others recruit through professional social networking sites like Linkln.

Social networking sites, however, create social isolation (Frazer, 2012). As people spend more time socializing using social networking sites, face-to-face interaction becomes less. This can lead to physiological and physical problems such as depression and anxiety. Social networking sites expose private information such as contact address that may be used negatively by people with ill motives. Moreover social networking sites can spread propaganda that may lead to quarrels and hatred in the society.


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