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Successful Communication

Successful Communication

Communication refers to the act of sharing meaningful information from the sender to an identified recipient. Communication can occur across varied groups of individuals provided the intended meaning is conveyed to the recipient. There must exist some communicative universality between the two parties for the intended meaning to reach the recipient. An individual must be aware of the processes involved in communication with other groups. This therefore requires an established rapport between both parties which does not necessarily require individuals to be in the same cultural group.

First, different skills emanating from diverse groups are required in different places for example in schools, home, community and beyond. Most of the times, it is difficult to harmonize communication skills from differing groups. However, even if people prefer working with individuals from similar grouping, anxiety is likely to crop up if such divisions are overemphasized which can lead to war in such groups. This has been evident in Israel where Arabs and Jews consistently fight. The same has been seen in America where there exist differences between the blacks and the whites. This retards development because a lot of resources are wasted instead of re-directing the misused energy into alternative ways of development.

Secondly, we normally live with others not because they are from our group but we cannot be self satisfied and our group cannot fully make us complete. We have diverse groups throughout the world with different ways of doing things especially in communication. We require them in our daily lives. We may not be justified if we only believe that we can do without them. There is a need to accommodate other groups in communicative matters for the purpose of personal development. The human mind has an infinite potentiality of venturing into the endless possibilities, and this quality should be used as a tool to adjust when living with others. Therefore natural differences from groups should not be a hindrance to effective communication.

Thirdly, overemphasis in cultural differences has also hindered economic development in most cases and therefore should not be the pillar upon which effective communication is based. Ethnicity and racism has also led to negative judgment. What should be emphasized is the level of education and skills. ‘People are to be judged basing on their content of character but not on skin color.

     Diversity in groups such as their culture should be treated as an asset and not as a liability as it has been witnessed in many cases. Perceived enmity and hatred towards members of different cultural, racial, political and ideological aspects is the major source of conflict in the world. This explains further why cultural differences should not be treated as an entity of judging the capability of individuals.

Successful communication should not only occur between people of a specific cultural sub-group. This is because it leads to one group feeling superior over another. In such cases polarized communication arises where the two parties becomes typified with such comments as ‘we are right’ and ‘they are wrong’.This normally has a negative impact on business and management since cultural diversity is good for creativity and therefore growth of business opportunities. It also exhibits a more international approach because it allows one to break markets through having workforce with diverse cultures. Universal rules in such business ventures cannot therefore be formulated if there is no harmony of different cultures.

Culture though a complex phenomenon should not hinder effective communication in any way. However, if the practitioners are not well versed with cross-cultural communication skills intended meaning or implication can be distorted. This can be a barrier to success especially where misunderstanding takes place through saying or implications.



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