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The Cornell University Website

The Cornell University website is very reliable because the site is able to perform and maintain its services and functions in routine circumstances, and also in a hostile or in unexpected circumstances; the site is a rich information resource that can help students and researchers with any information of their choice. This site is also of a high quality of being true. The information on the site is free from error and always exact. This is due to the fact that the site is constantly upgraded to ensure its security from any malicious postings by internet harckers. This therefore makes it a very reliable site for information resource gathering.

The site is also authoritative as it a career- grade software solution which delivers the systems the highest and most effective performing anti-spam, anti- phishing and anti-virus protection, the scalable solutions consistently blocks over 99% of in bound and outbound messaging attacks in real time with nearly zero false positives, its authoritativeness frees network resources and delivers an instant improvement in filtering reliability and accuracy. The site post real numbers and facts, the facts of the site also match reality, the technicians have highly profiled credentials on their professional skills, and it also identifies the author by name.

The resources on the site carry recent facts and figures since the site constantly updated therefore students and researchers always get a first hand information.

There is a high level of fairness since the site presents materials selectively. This has a bias to information that not required by the uses and since it is a university website, the information posted on the site only focus on the positives and eliminates the negatives.

The site provide adequate information on the pages and also provide enough resources to the users, students can peruse an number of resources ranging from databases, books and it also have links to other sites that provide additional resources to the student and researchers.

In information from the various sources provided in the website can be accessed at high speed and relatively quick, the elements and graphics which prolong the downloading process are eliminated hence making it very fast and effective in downloading documents from the site and even search process.

The information found on the website are arranged in a logical fashion that is user friendly so that any body searching information can easily locate them without wasting a lot of time and wandering about. This saves the time of search and therefore makes the site more efficient and effective in providing information.

In conclusion, the World Wide Web can be a wonderful place to finish research on several topics. Putting documents or pages on the web can be very simple. The mass wealth that internet has brought to so much of society is the ability for individuals to express themselves, exchange ideas, find others and do other great things that they would have never need. But despite the advantages that comes along with the internet any website that is endowed with information resources to be of significance to its users then the above discussed qualities bust be entrenched in it, and that is what the University of Cornell process making it the most appropriate in solving student's research problems.


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