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Visual Memo

A visual memo, it is the best way to express or spread information to a targeted class of population. The main aim is that a person can be able to remember and recall as well as inform others in some certain cases. This goes long way to show just how important it is have it presented in the coolest yet having the longest lasting impression to our target group

So what makes a good memo and in this case why this memo? In as much as presentation is vital, some things have to be moderated such as the writing, pictures and painting. In simplest terms possible, good visual as well as good formatting is very critical. Too much say, calligraphy, may not be appealing to all considering people are different and in a hurry at times, they therefore may not have the luxury to stop and actually read, they would rather just pass it even though it might have been relevant to them. Also graphical or nude pictures are a no go zone since these are displayed for the public, hence due to public decency, it may be a ‘too much’. The key point being simplicity is the best way to go.

The memo I have chosen therefore meets all the set basic and very critical requirements. First of all the message is well and clearly represented. Another key factor with the graphics and skills used is that the scaling is just perfect for both long and short distances. Any one walking by can easily be drawn to it. Moreover the visual are balanced from the coloring and shading portraying the message as well as vital information as clear as possible. The tone of words is direct yet far reaching having the required sense of impact on the reader which is effective to any targeted reader to get the desired meaning.


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