Free «Wal-Mart and Social Media» UK Essay Sample

Wal-Mart and Social Media

My company of choice is Wal-Mart stores Inc., an American retailer corporation that runs a chain of discounted department stores. Wal-Mart uses social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter to connect with its customers worldwide. On the two social media sites, the company is dedicated to sharing with its customers what is on offer, price reductions, what the company is up to as far as CSR is concerned and any great news worthy for its customers.  On its Facebook, customers can write on their wall or place comments on their updates and sometimes the company can respond personally to customer feedbacks while on its Twitter account, the company tweets what is new and customers who are following them can write back to inquire or place comments. Am an avid user of social media and more often than not I check on Wal-Mart’s Facebook and tweeter accounts and get to know what is new and if there is something interesting about them, I have to act accordingly. As a customer support and services manager, I will ensure that we utilize social networking to enhance everyday communications by providing an avenue to locate and expand business and get intended messages across the people.

Cost Benefit Analysis

The reason for my CBA is to save not only on fuel but also on spare parts; for a long time I have believed that Toyota cars will save me on fuel and spare parts than Mercedes Benz will.  According to MSN Autos, the most fuel efficient cars on American roads are Toyotas and as an environmentalist, I will go for the Toyota than a fuel guzzler. A Toyota is cheaper, the depreciation rate of a Toyota is slower than that of a Mercedes, its maintenance is also cheaper as its spare parts and it minimizes fuel than a Mercedes. Some of these information is as shon in the table below (Next green car) .

Type of Car Cost Miles per gallon Fuel economy (on gasoline) Relative green gas emissions Green car rating
Toyota Prius $22,175 5.1L/100km 42 0.18 tons 39/100
Mercedes  S-600 $51,550 14.4L/100km 16 0.31 91/100

By owning a Toyota Prius, I will have the satisfaction that I have contributed less to global warming and thus a greener environment.  From the table above, clearly a Mercedes car is not only expensive to buy and operate but it is costly to or environment and therefore I take pride in my Toyota Prius any time.


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