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What Works for Me?

Communication skills

When communicating with my superiors, I ensure that my nerves are calm, my anger is managed, am open-minded, polite and positive. I always consider the perspective of my superiors. For instance, I consider what these superiors are most interested in and communicate in a way that contributes to their interests. Team work is very vital in daily life hence communication with peers is important. I try to avoid criticism as it will make the peers not to have trust in me, I focus on the problems instead of people, I explain all my ideas in simple plain language that do not confuse others and try to be a better receiver.

When working in a team, effective communication is vital because it leads to the establishment of harmonious relationships. I speak clearly, purposefully and listen well. For instance, I make right choice of words, give meaningful suggestions and feedbacks and focus on other team members’ message instead of thinking on what to say next.

The aspect of anger of dealing with anger involves coping with being on the receiving end. When one expresses anger in an aggressive way, it is easy to bite back defensively and this will escalate the situation. In this kind of situation, I involve a reflective or emphatic response. I employ the use of an inquiring tone and express my understanding of other people’s situation which makes it easier for them to accept my angry feelings.

Good communication skills that are used when talking to superiors, peers and subordinates are important in the work place. When in my workplace, I try to involve clarity, precision, Courteousness and listening to others in my communication. These communication skills can be applied in other situations because they are among the typical skills that are required in many situations.


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