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Writing of Business Massage

Three types of nonverbal differences; Body language, Manners and Individual versus collaborative.

Body language: Misunderstanding in communication when using body language can occur as a result of misinterpreting the body language. When making any conclusion from body language, one should pay attention to facial expression, mouth’s position movements of the eye such as dilation of the pupil or its retraction.

The steps that are involved in the writing of business massage ensures that the message is effective and efficient in terms of meeting the audience needs and proper time management for both the speaker and the audience.

The first step involves planning the business message. This step begins by first analyzing the situation by defining the purpose of your message and coming up with an audience profile. This step is then followed by the process of gathering the necessary information and putting it in the write medium for delivery.

The second step involves writing business message. This is the most crucial point since it requires the writer to be himself by using a positive and non-bias language. Also, it is necessary to build a good relationship. Conventional tone, plain English and correct voice are key things to consider. Message should be composed using strong words, effective sentences and well flowing paragraphs.

The third step involves completing the business message. Revising the message is very important upon completion to ensure it is perfect. After revision, producing the message follows which requires that it to be in a form that will be appealing to the audience. It is important to proofread the message. Finally, distribute the message. Choose the best combination of technological and personal tools.

To know whether the message was created using the three steps, assess yourself on how well you understood the message through talking to your fellow colleague to see whether you both got the same message.


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