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Written Words or Speech

Written words and speech are considered to be both efficient and effective means of communication and for human interaction over a long period of time; however they tend to differ in various respects and their importance making the use of speech to be more appealing and satisfactory to human interaction than the use of the written word (Andersen, 120).

According to Gudykunst (100) although written communication has been of much aid and relevance in considering factors such as distance, its permanence and evidential nature, it has failed to meet most societal expectations of human interaction such as the environmental condition where communication takes place, the physical characteristics of communicators and the behaviors of communicators during interaction. This has therefore centered more application and reliance on the use of speech as a vital aspect of human interaction.

The use of speech as a means of communication has laid more emphasis on the use of the behavioral aspect of communication which is likely to increase and ease human interaction in the communication process. The use of speech can as well be accompanied by nonverbal communicational cues which include communication through: gestures, tonal variation, facial expression, body language or posture and body contact or touch (Cheryl, 355). The use of speech considers the improvement of information delivery by monitoring the reactions of the parties thereby allowing necessary improvements in the communication process.

Hanna (211) asserts that written words on the other hand are able to provide a record of permanence and reliability due to its evidential nature. It is also considered to be more precise and explicit. Written words also have some non verbal elements such as; the spatial arrangement of words, handwriting style, or the physical layout of page. Written words however are mostly vital for their future purposes of records and maintenance of information. The use of speech considers both the present and the future. A communication process which involves direct interaction of parties tends to exhibit more power than one which doesn’t.

In conclusion, the use of speech has resulted to major human interactions through nonverbal and verbal messages in various ways including: complementing, conflicting, repeating, substituting, regulating and accenting (Argyle, 55). Such additional aspects of the use of speech have in essence exuberated more of its application in human interactions and communications as compared to written words. In the recent years, there are myriad advantages from the up surging level of population recognition of the significance of speech over written communication.


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