Free «Youth Empowerment Programs» UK Essay Sample

Youth Empowerment Programs

The US government through its wide web of philanthropic organizations has helped improve the economies. The funding is normally channeled through its arms like the US Aid. It has sponsored many youth empowerment programs in the underprivileged areas.

On the media issues, it has really agitated for more democratic space. Through Amnesty international, most violation are realized and rectified. The basic fundamental rights are conspicuously inscribed on these articles.

Education is a major human need. The US has greatly contributed towards realization of competent and affordable education. International Universities based in the US have given people exposure and lucrative incentives. This is contributing towards basic human needs of acquiring knowledge at acceptable terms.

At the workplaces, most of them have adopted new technology, for instance, using renewable energy equipment which is affordable. This adoption of green environment, has greatly contributed to affirming these fundamental rights. Primarily, life is the sacred entity human being tries to safeguard. Good health is the cornerstone of our success.

Barriers Encountered in trying to make social Change to Better Human Rights

Conservativeness is among the barriers to positive social change. For example, the belief in ‘spare the rod spoil the child,’ which emanates from the ancient way of punishing children can definitely prove impervious to better human rights activism.

Illiteracy, of course, contributes negatively towards some better known human rights. Lack of adequate knowledge is a major obstacle.

Communication problem is my final list of barriers. Incoherence in communicating has a great negative impact on understanding and transferring data or information regarding better human rights to the require recipient. All the above mentioned barriers may surely contribute adversely to the basic fundamental human rights.


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