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ZTIC Security Device

There are common and malicious software which are continuously used by hackers over the internet in online banking transactions most hackers rely on phishing which is the common method of committing these bank frauds. Kernel and BIOS are the common software and the current malware, which the hackers employ to steal from unsuspecting bank clients while transacting their accounts. This malicious software attacks home users PCs and interferes with the banking details entered by the person diverting money from their account to other unknown accounts. The man-in-the-browser attack can be described as a fraud by which the malware changes the account payment details the customer entered without changing the display on the PC and sending this changed details to the bank confirming transfer. When the confirmation message is sent from the bank the software changes it to conform to what the account user had requested. This attack is hard to detect as it is the bank statement which reveals some transfer of funds to unknown accounts. Man-in-the-browser attack is intermediary or a third party software that interferes with transaction details between a client and the bank

The introduction of ZTIC security devise on the banking security is a milestone that eliminates the threat of fraudsters and hackers who prey on business accounts of individuals and organizations. The device offer security to individuals from the type of software like man-in-the-middle that plagues business bank accounts. The device does not require any drivers from the PC, as the information created passes through the proxy connection to the bank without the help of the PC where fraudsters software attack. Information is passed safely between the bank servers and the client without interference by hacker’s software. There are drawbacks that are accrued with the devise, as the initial cost of the devise is financed by the client to buy it. The investment and distribution on behalf of the bank is high and this increases the cost of individuals carrying out online banking transactions. The device is not designed to protect attacks by hackers on n the PC where most attacks occur and thus, there is still the vulnerably of attacks in the PC system by the common Hackers software present.


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