Free «ABC Hotel» UK Essay Sample

ABC Hotel

According to the article, the ABC hotel is a classic hotel that is supposed to offer top of the range services to its prominent and esteemed guests. In spite of the thorough preparations that the hotel management had put in place, it failed to add a personal touch to the whole preparations. From the narrative, appears that Mr. Bigwig had been a previous visitor to the hotel, and being a prominent guest, all the workers ought to have known him, from the guest history. The leadership of the hotel should have taken the initiative to explicitly inform all the hotel workers on the description, of their blue chip guest, Mr.Bigwig.The hotel’s booking department should have put in place, a person ,with explicit orders on how and where to direct Mr. Bigwig once he arrived. The casual attitude of the workers, especially on the part of Joan was uncalled for, and would have been avoided through motivation of the workers to pay attention to detail.

The hotel should work a mode of recovering Mr. Bigwig as a customer because he holds a bright future for the hotel. The hotel’s central reservations system should have been programmed conveniently to anticipate and acknowledge the arrival and presence of Mr.Bigwigs.To be on the safe side, the director of sales and management should have taken the prerogative of positioning one member of staff ,most likely, a security agentat a strategic position ,to recognize and welcome Mr.Bigwig,upon his arrival. Had the hotel discovered its mistake while Mr. Bigwig was still in the hotel it would have had several options to right the wrong done so as to make Mr. Bigwig feel that he was an esteemed guest, that he surely was. For starters, the executive housekeeper would have been tasked with finding out if everything was to his satisfaction and if there was anything that he would have wished for. Upon the discovery of the mistake, senior management staff should have taken an early initiative to apologize to Mr. Bigwig and offer a pragmatic solution to the mix-up.

As a lesson from this grave mistake, the hotel should put in place, measures to avoid such an occurrence in the future. First of all, the hotel should embrace participative management in its activities, especially where blue chip guests are involved. This would involve all the workers, so as to make them ready, to anticipate for the guest, with clear instructions on how to handle them. All the member of staff should be involved in the management and handling of prominent guests at all levels, so that they have prior knowledge on how to handle and treat such promising guests. The hotel should also exercise reasonable care when dealing with VIP guest and establish a follow up plan from the time of arrival of a VIP guest, to the time of departure.

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