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Academic Plagiarism

Academic plagiarism is the dishonest use of other writers’ published and unpublished academic ideas in one’s piece of writing. It is unethical and should be punished at its slightest detection. But terms like "copying" and "borrowing" do no justice to the seriousness of the offense can disguise it. This is a literary theft and can be summed up as an act of fraud. However this vice can be defeated by having the following tools, an academic integrity policy and reduction of pressure in teaching and tutoring.

It is an intellectual vice triggered by various reasons like; the internet as an encyclopedia of every subject offers ready material, negligent and ignorant teachers or tutors and the pressure to perform academically. Plagiarism can be detected by scanning the literature through plagiarism detection software or simply by the teacher being not ignorant and careful enough by checking the student past and known skills against those exhibited in a submitted paper. In the USA the mitigation measures against the vice are awarding a zero mark to plagiarized papers or expelling the perpetrator of the vice. To remedy the retrogressive habit, an academic integrity policy should be developed and strictly implemented. The adoption of low pressure tasks to assess the student is viable.

They say prevention is better than cure and the most important solution to this vice is by addressing the causes such as reasons why it thrives, its different forms and most feasibly by incorporating plagiarism prevention techniques in courses. Scorn and contempt to the vice’s perpetrators and plagiarism itself won’t remedy or alleviate the case. The surest way to defeat this menace is by embracing dialogue.


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