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Comedy Writing

The objective of each screen play is to attract the viewers and thus make them stick onto their television sets; so as to follow the flow of the cast in the play that is being aired (Playwriting 101, 2011). Thus each program that is aired on TV including news movies, drama, plays, fiction, series and comedy then a script is written by the author in order to provide the casts with guidelines of what is expected of them. The script also ensures they know how they will express their feelings to make the viewers associate what they are seeing to be a reality that is captured on camera.

Comedy script writing is the most challenging aspect of writing; this is because it is aimed at ensuring that the viewer is highly entertained with highly qualified jokes that will keep the viewers laughing all along the program (Lockhart, 2003). The writer of comedy has to venture in a high sophisticated way of expressing his ideas /messages and at the same time expressing jokes that will keep the viewers entertained.

The scriptwriter will use different aspects in order to convey his story to the viewers and this is by using techniques like characterization, description, scene setting, plot and language in their works; in order to achieve the complete flow of ideas of the comedy (Roye, 2004).

The comedy writer will be able to achieve the plot of the comedy this is by using symbolism (Lockhart, 2003). This is where the script writer will use different symbols when writing the comedy. Thus the use of symbolism will help the scriptwriter to achieve the plot as he will have different symbols that will help him move from one point of the play to the other thus helping him to achieve the plot of the play.

The theme will also play another determining factor for the success of the comedy and also help them to develop the characters and plot of the comedy; this is when the scriptwriter will identify the best theme that suites the audiences and consequently, moves on to develop a comedy that will result to entertaining the audience and making them get the message that is being sent directly them (Playwriting 101, 2011).

The use of dialogue and monologue is a very challenging aspect that has been affecting the ways the scriptwriters of comedies. Thus, it has resulted to the mixed reaction towards the developing of the plot and characters of the comedy; this where some of scriptwriters fail in delivering their stories to the audience (Cole, 2003). As some aspects can be easily and clearly demonstrated by the use of one character, others are clearly understood and demonstrated with the aid of two or more characters. In case of a mix up between these different aspects of writing; the comedy will lose its meaning thus making it difficult for the story to be hilarious to the audience as the script writer becomes inefficient in his duty.

The language of playwright will also be of great importance to him in order to make the comedy more hilarious. This is by the use of the different languages for a specific identified audience; the audience might include people from different backgrounds, age, race, and financial status amongst other different classes (Roye, 2004). The correct use of language by the comedy writer will have positive impacts on the audience; in view of the fact that the viewers will be in contact with the comedy and this will be a very important aspect as the audiences aren’t having the same perception of a given piece of joke.


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