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Creativity, innovation, and design are words used interchangeably in various academic and technical fields to mean nearly the same thing. The three words have different meanings and aims depending on the field of study they appear in. Their definitions control the limit in which their application lay. The fields in which these words are used define their relation ship. In certain fields, they will contrast greatly while, in other fields, they will mean nearly the same thing. Brief definition of the terms will give a clear overview of what they mean.

Design can be defined as an activity that is creative in nature, which combines and produces a multifaceted object carrying all the qualities that a whole life cycle demands. It presents the thoughtful nature of humans. In any design, there exist both the cultural and part of the economic needs. In design, the use of tools is embraced to create products, systems, and services. This means that the end results of design can either be tangible or intangible. Creativity can be defined as the capability of generating or refining alternatives or ides that best fit in certain problems. Creativity can be induced by the problems that are faced by each individual in the today activities. The thoughts of creativity differ from the normal thoughts. Innovation can be defined as an induced change in a service, product or anything new that brings out a better way of achieving perfect finish. It is not restricted to the technical or medical issues ss well as social cultural issues.

The terms innovation, design, and creativity differ or contrast in relation to their definitions. At the implementation stage, the innovation and creativity produce design. Therefore, the difference in the terms is well portrayed by the implementation stage of the terms.

The three terms, as they are used in business, are totally different. The definitions determine their use in the business fraternity. A clear use of these terms defines the true objectives of an organization. A combination of the three terms gives a business organization a clear picture of success. In the 21st century, innovation, creativity, and design have played a vital role in the development. Those products which have a higher degree of innovation and creativity will always be appreciated and preferred by the customers.


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