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Describe the World You Come from

My scientific name is Atreya \and I belong to the largest family of the primates. I am closely related to humans with ninety eight percent of my DNA identical to humans, remaining two percent is quite different and that makes me a rare species. Unlike other primates, I am terrestrial, meaning I do not climb trees and I basically dwell on land. I am herbivorous for most of the times and eat chicken occasionally.

Historically, I have been portrayed as a voracious killer in karate with a black belt. However, I am a shy and gentle creature that would not attack humans unless provoked. In other words, I love peace. Upon my discovery, I am considered to be highly adaptable to any geographical location and a highly sociable animal maintaining strong bonds between group members despite my shy nature.

Recently, I have been affected by habitat loss due to change of place and school, which I was adapting to very well. Two percent of DNA which is different makes me a talented and smart kid whom everyone seems to love and appreciate. It makes me play and win chess on national ranking, win in math tournaments and meet robotics challenges. It makes me good at basketball, swimming and helps me get closer to being an Eagle in Boys Scout of America. This confidence of being different encourages me to propagate my repository of knowledge and books through my organization called ‘’.

Now, all of this comes from the environment I have been in: my neighborhood community, my parents, the friends I spend a lot of time with, the family members I associate with and the culture that I belong to. My neighborhood has social class people with progressive outlook and with a helping attitude. They are people with strong convictions and an undaunted will power. They believe in their traditions and try to remain like a Teflon piece in tough times.

When in danger, beating my chest ferociously, making loud angry sounds and a strong unpleasant odor , which other primates can detect from over 25 yards away, throwing plants and attacking the opponent or intruder is not what I do. I take things in charge and use skills of taking emergency actions, what I learned at Boy Scouts of America. I am a civilized global citizen.

Currently, as a student, I am grateful for having cross-cultural competencies; I am a citizen of the world. I believe that this quality will not only help me to have more opportunities down the line, but it will also help me to add color and value to every place that I go, to every choice that I make. (I am from an ever-developing economy, with different religions, languages, beliefs and systems).

I have learned that if you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than what you settled for. In order to be a strong and independent human, I need to keep to my moral values, to stick to my highest convictions and to be the best person I can be. This is my world where I evolve a lesson from every minute of my life.


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