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Description of MT Kenya and Its Surroundings

The speaker was the Kenyan’s Tourism minister Honorable Najib Mbalala, who is in charge of both domestic and international tourism in the country. The speech was about Tourism in Kenya and more specifically about the Mt Kenya, the country’s highest mountain. Kenya is famous in Tourism due to its location that provides hot vacation places during winter and its rich culture especially the Masaai community. Kenya is also rich in wildlife and other tourism attractions such as Port Jesus in Mombasa. All these were was news to me until last year when I had a chance to visit Kenya. It was during last December holiday when we decided to visit Kenya as tourists. On reaching the airport, I was shocked to realize that there were a lot of people from western countries who had visited Kenya. It also happened that the country’s minister for tourism was at the airport by then and luckily, we had the opportunity to be addressed by him.

It was some minutes past and the minister was busy with his daily activities. He was a charming man in his 50s who seemed ready to carry on his ministerial responsibilities regardless of his age. He first of all welcomed us in his country and assured us that we were not going to regret having visited Kenya. He went ahead to explain how Kenya liked visitors and how its hospitality could not be questioned. He also gave brief explanation of the major tourism attraction in Kenya before concentrating on Mt Kenya. The audience constituted us , other tourist from different parts of the world and few local who had come to receive us.

“Again welcome to Kenya and feel at home though away from home, eeh!” said the minister as he tried to reach the microphone since the crowd had become big. “I want to narrate to you briefly about one of our amazing and breath taking features that I expect everyone of you to pay visit before leaving Kenya. This is none other than Mt Kenya, the biggest mountain in Kenya and second best in Africa” (Mbalala, 2). Everyone was smiling as we listened to his speech about Mt Kenya and how proud he was about his country. He went ahead with his speech giving a descriptive speech about Mt Kenya, its location, formation, its ice capped peaks, dense forest cover that surround it, wild animals within its slopes and mountain climbing games not to mention unique hotels that are found towns that surround it. By the end of his speech, everyone was overwhelmed and many felt like they had already visited the mountain. Actually, Mt Kenya was our first place to visit after leaving the Airport.

The speech lasted for about ten minutes and although we were standing, you could tell that everyone was ready to stand for more time listening to the minister. Considering the fact that the speech was impromptu, his delivery was wonderful and we all longed to hear more from him. Generally, the minister had dressed pretty well in a masaai attire that symbolized the country’s rich culture. His mode of dressing was pleasing to many of us especially to me since I had not seen a person dressed in Masaai clothes before. This made us to stay stick our eyes on him hence increasing our attention. His approach to us was amazing and we really felt welcome especially after his warm introduction and briefing about Kenya. The minister had a good command of English and therefore communicating to us was not a problem. He was able to introduce his speech well and at the end, the minister his speech in suspense and he requested us to visit the mountain and see it by ourselves.

Actually, it is reasonable to conclude that indeed the minister was effective in his description and he really obtained his objective which was to welcome us in his country and give a brief description about Mt Kenya. His language was perfect and he was audio enough for us all regardless of the noise that was coming from the back side of the Airport in the runways. The minister was able to give a detailed information about the mountain, mentioning all the details such as the route that we had to take from the Airport, how far it was, what to see on the way and the kind of reception that we could receive from the locals. He went farther to explain how the volcanic mountain was formed the fact that it was not an active mountain, its heights and location in terms of compass direction. The minister also give brief information on the challenges that those who wished to climb it could face such as sharp rocks and freezing low temperatures not to mention walking through dense thicket to its bottom.

The minister was able to the appropriate speech language such as use of figurative language, imagery, similes, humor and other asking of rhetoric question in order to ensure that his audience was actively involved. The minister described Mt Kenya as the roof of Kenya to symbolize its height that could not be compared with anything else in the country just like the way roofing is the high most point in every building. He also asked us questions about what he had said to ensure that we had listened to his speech attentively. He argued that Mt Kenya forest was the origin of darkness to show dense it was. Although the minister did not use any other international language other than English though some tourists were non English speakers, one could tell from their smiles as the speech continued. Every ne could tell that he was well informed about what he was speaking about, Mt Kenya, and this made us to have trust in what he was speaking about. This made him to achieve core objective which to make us visit Mt Kenya alongside other places and have some knowledge about it. Actually, it was one of the impromptu speeches that I have heard so far.


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