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I was between semesters at school and I wanted to get a part-time job to earn some extra money. I found a part-time office assistant job that I thought I could do, so I applied for it. They called me and wanted me to come in for some testing. I was excited and nervous at the same time on the day of the test appointment.

When I got to the office, I went to the receptionist to check in. She was a small woman with graying hair and sharp blue eyes. She offered me some coffee, which I took because I did not want to tell her no. She brought me a Styrofoam cup with black coffee in it. It smelled very strong and I could feel its heat through the thin cup.

The receptionist led me to a small room where a computer was set up. She began showing me how the test worked and, as she leaned close to me, I could smell her perfume. It was the same that my mother wore. Her voice had a lilt to it, like she was from England or somewhere. I liked how it sounded and the smile in her voice could be heard as she spoke.

The receptionist left the room and I picked up the coffee. Taking a small drink, I could feel the heat on my tongue and a bitter taste. I normally took my coffee with tons of cream and sugar, but I wasn’t embarrassed to say that and had accepted it black. It didn’t taste unpleasant, just very different than what I normally drank.

I could hear the sounds from the lobby as I started the tests that would determine if my computer skills were appropriate for the job or not. I felt relaxed now. The receptionist had been friendly and the coffee was comforting. I completed the test in short order and returned to the receptionist’s desk. She smiled and informed me they would call me for an interview in the next few days if I had passed all the tests.

I stepped out into the sunshine of the day and headed to my car. I felt good about the test and felt sure I would be returning to this building again.


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