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Dressing Codes

These are the changes we have made to our dressing codes. This change follows complains from our esteemed customers, partners, executive managers and human resource managers. These stakeholders expressed their concern about appearance of a number of our employees who interact with partners and customers. The different stakeholders in this company have complained that employees are showing too much skin or wearing too little clothing for professional working environment. It should be noted that we inquired your suggestion before coming up with this policy. The feedback we received from you forms the core of this policy.

For the ladies, casual skirts and those split below the knee are allowed. The skirts and dresses should allow employees to sit comfortably in the office and in public. Clothes such as mini-skirts, beach and sun dresses are not allowed at the work places. Spaghetti strap dresses are also not allowed in the offices. Jewelry, perfume, makeup and cologne should be used with restraint.

For shoes, flashy athletic shoes, slippers, thongs, and open shoe are not acceptable at workplace. Nevertheless, conservative athletic shoes, boots, loafers, sneakers, flats and dress heels are allowed in the workplace.

For gentlemen, shirts with offensive logos, words, slogans, pictures, and cartoons are considered inappropriate attire for work. However, sweaters, casual shirts, tops with no offensive pictures, slogans, cartoons, and pictures are allowed at work. Sport or suit jackets are also allowed in the work place. Hats are not allowed at work.

For this policy to be effective, we need your support and commitment. We will endeavor to institute policies that allow our employees to be comfortable in the work place as well as maintain professional image to the community, customers, partners and the leadership of the company.


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