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Fiction “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”

The book report will focus on a work of fiction “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain, a famous American writer. It was first published in England in December 1884, while the second edition came out in the United States in February 1885.

This book is classified as one of the first American literature works written in vernacular. Thus “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” is rated as an influential American narrative. Its influence among readers is unparalleled due to the author’s use of dialects to portray regionalism. The most conspicuous characteristic of this novel is the use of color to describe events as well as differentiate people and cultures.

The main action of the novel takes place along the Mississippi River. The author jokingly compares the Mississippi River natives’ to the indigenous southern antebellum civilization. Among others, the novel centers on such core issues as racial discrimination.

The author starts by describing Thomas Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn’s adventure along the shores of the Mississippi River in the 1840s. The two young lads through their previous escapades were able to get a substantial amount of money. Huck had initially lived with his guardian Douglas, a widow and Miss Watson. The two tried educating Huck but the boy discovered civilized life to be so imprisoning that he escapes.

The author shows escapism as a theme that characterized the life of Huck. After escaping, he joins a bunch of hooligans but later fails to appreciate their endeavors of stealing Sunday school material. He leaves the gang and returns home where he meets his drunken father, Pap. Pap forcefully wants to take away Huck’s fortune by taking custody of him and locking Huck up in the cabin. Later in his dad’s absence, Huck feigns his death and escapes down the Mississippi river.

The author illustrates impersonation style by having Huck dress as a girl on his visit to the village. It is during his escape mission that Huck meets Jim, a slave to Miss Watson and they become friends. On finding a floating house, Huck pretends to be a girl and from one aged villager gets informed of the man hunting mission for Jim.

In the escape mission, Jim and Huck meet a variety of persons. The ironical fight between the Granger fords and the Shepherdson’s groups of people who were Christians is startling. The continuity of their adventure is unveiled when they meet the King and the Duke after which their journey continues. However, later on Jim is captured while the King and the Duke feign personalities. Huck rescues Jim but is later recaptured. It is during the recapture that several secrets about Pap’s death and Miss Watson’s granting freedom to Jim get revealed.

In conclusion, the author impressively presents the main concepts of slavery in the southern states of America in the 18th century. The literary presentation o the black Americans as “niggers” fascinates the reader, yet is too prejudicing on the black Americans. The themes arising thereafter were about slavery in the ancient centuries and the improvements with time. Huck and Jim were subjected to slavery before their escape to other cities of freedom.

The second featuring theme is that of forceful inheritance of property from other family members. The uncommon practice of a father figure inheriting from the son was expressed in this novel, thus showing neglect of responsibilities by parents. Additionally, the increase of impersonation by other people in order to inherit their property shows naivety of the natives.


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