Free «Finding Serenity at the Lake» UK Essay Sample

Finding Serenity at the Lake

A picturesque fragrance of chaste happiness and harmony is the image I always find when I go back to the lake. It is my haven. It is my sanctuary. It is who I am. The lake is hidden from the world of busy cars and busy people. When I go there, it is as if the lake heals me from anything broken. It fixes me. It mends me. It is me. The soft winds caress my neck as if it was whispering something in my ear.

Orange. Yellow. Red. The richness and diversity in colors that this season brings into the eyes of anyone observing is quite a sight. The moment the beautiful trees with the brown and yellow colors begin to dispel their leaves. It looks like Mother Nature is giving the forest a blanket to take a comfortable nap.

There is road with many zigzag turns and awe-inspiring tunnels which one needs to take, in order to enter the magnificent lake. When one sees the passageway to the entrance of the lake, it is the closest thing one could imagine to the pearly gates of heaven. After the vivid colors, one will find ecstasy. The lake allows the individual to see the slow motions of the colored water, the craftiness of the mountainside which shields the lake from the harmful toxins outside.

The water is as still as a corpse. I can smell the air is filled with honeysuckles, grass, flowers and pine fragrance. For some reason, one feels that the wind is whispering something to one’s ear. It feels like it is mandatory to feel one with the beauty of nature. Vegetation is spread along the bank of the lake covered with all kinds of fruits that are astonishing in numbers. The smell of the fruits in the air seems to promise that one will never get hungry in a place like this.

Birds fly in the air and share beautiful songs only nature could make. Squirrels that are running across the land searching for acorns make one feel like a child. Trees are big enough to use them as a cover in the shade. Woodpeckers produce the knocking sound echoes throughout the place. Rabbits are hopping around the field. A toss of fruits into the water brings fish near the surface, giving their welcoming swim. Towards the dock, there is a floating boat. This is not the boat one sees usually these days. This is the traditional boat powered by a human. To aid in the stillness, one can stand atop the awesome sight of the boat. One can stand for hours and hours of looking at one of the most treasured views. As one takes in all the view, then suddenly hears the ripples caused by the boat, a true smile is indeed not possible to resist.

The fish is swimming close by wonders in the shadow on the water. In the background, one can hear different sounds of the animals. The birds are chirping. The squirrels are eating their accords. The woodpeckers are knocking. The bullfrogs are croaking near the shore. Surely, it is one of the greatest musical you could have ever heard.

Just above the water shore, there are thick blades of grass which color the Earth where the autumn leaves have not yet landed. Those blades of grass are like a carpet, where one can walk on or sleep on. If one is lucky, one will see a rainbow that stretches across the blue sky. About 100 feet from the shore lays a small house. It is a dream house where a person can experience deep sleep. A dream house that is free from anxieties of the outside world. A dream house where one can feel peace and serenity.


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