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Food in USA and Kuwait

Agriculture is a principal sector that determines the situation of food in a country. In different countries, different factors affect agricultural activities, thus leading to contrasting food situations. This essay contrasts the food situation in the United States of America and Kuwait.

Kuwait experiences food crisis, while the USA is experiencing surplus production of food beyond its consumption. While the Kuwait government relies on importation of food products to meet its need, the USA relies on exportation of farm products to increase its economy.

The food crisis in Kuwait arises from the arid climatic conditions it experiences. The inadequate rains in Kuwait affect food production by lowering crop yield. As an alternative, the Kuwait government practices irrigation, which is expensive and affects food production. A small percentage of Kuwait land is arable. Most of the land is not fertile, which prevents further investments in agriculture. Apart from the climatic conditions, the government of Kuwait has done little efforts to eliminate the food crisis in the country. The government lacks investment plans such as expansion of irrigation schemes and acquisition of arable land in other countries. It can be said that in Kuwait exists a culture of anti-agriculture. Little is done so as to train young minds on various agricultural ideas. As a result, agriculture becomes an impossible field to venture (Hulse, 1995).

On the contrary, the USA enjoys many opportunities that lead to adequate food production. Among these are the 3.7 million square kilometers of land that is arable and fertile (Ibp Usa, 2009). The country also experiences favorable climate with adequate rainfall, which caters for both crop production and animal raring. The USA government makes required efforts in protecting the agricultural sector. The policies ensure that the farm machinery is accessible for farmers and that they have enough capital to invest in farming. The country also boosts with numerous institutions that train future farming personnel.


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