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Human Race

There is possibility of life existing elsewhere in the universe. This likelihood of life existence on other planets can be calculated from the habitable stars. Since the total number of stars is high in the habitable planets, human beings have to understand the nature of life and their universe. As a result, numerous attempts have been made to ascertain if life exists elsewhere in the universe. These attempts have left high probabilities of life existing elsewhere in the universe. This paper thus explores how time travel could be sent to represent the human race in the quest for existence of life elsewhere in the universe.

One thing that could be sent to represent the human race in this quest is the time travel. This is because the human mind operates in time. It is through time that man has been able to make substantial discoveries. Although in most cases the human race might appear to be doing nothing, it is constantly busy traveling in time. This aspect of activity of the human mind will allow it to travel through time from past to present to future and vice versa.

Similarly, the human mind could move through time at any speed in any equipment to collect relevant information concerning life elsewhere in the universe. Since on the basis of time scale, life was discovered on earth. It justifies the fact that other stars which were formed many years before the earth have life found in their planets. At the same time, various forms of life such intelligence life have been discovered through time travel. It is therefore paramount that, the human race is in constant evolution. It is also important to note that fact that human being is a race of time travel. It is thus time travel that can be used effectively to represent it because of its neutrality.


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