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Involvement with Cleopatra

The continued involvement with Cleopatra in terms of political as well as romantic sense was used by Cleopatra as a special chance of reviving Ptolemies past glories. The enslavement of Antony to Cleopatra, Egyptian queen was used as efforts of propaganda by Octavian. Antony depended financially on Cleopatra although he made territorial concessions in addition to grants to the family of Cleopatra. As the crisis of Antony as well as Octavian escalated and with a continued support of Antony from Rome, Octavian was smart enough to raise the indignation of the public through a public announcement of a divorce with Octavian in favor of Cleopatra and the reading of the will of Antony that were characterized with a stress of the strong ties with Cleopatra in addition to the circulation of the rumors that Antony had plans of moving the capital city to Alexandria. Octavian was successful in rallying Italy support in a systematic manner at the time that the roman friends of Antony were exposed to mixed emotions with regard to the initiation of a war that targeted Egyptian queen. As a result of confusion in the battle, Antony’s fleet was routed causing Antony and Cleopatra to flee to Egypt and his committing of suicide as a result of the Octavian arrival (Babcock, 23-34).

As a result of the rise of followed by the initiation of the war that affected the most important adherents, there was an effective termination of the credibility of the oligarchy of the Roman Empire in the form of the governing power. This led to the initiation of a situation whereby all the struggles of power in the future would be focused on a choice of the two or more people who were in the best position of achieving the supreme control in as far as the government is concerned in comparison to the a person who was in a position of conflicting with the existing senate. this therefore necessitated a situation that Antony being a very significant adherent of Caesar and being an important figure behind the coalescing of power as a result of the assassination of Caesar was a part of the three influential persons with chief responsibilities that led to the fall in as far as the Roman Republic was concerned (Lindsay, 231-43).

The life of Antony was actually associated with a mixture and in most of the cases in a simultaneous manner with a military honor that was astounding and in conjunction wit5h an astounding debauchery. In a vein of similarity, there was a note by Plutarch that the generosity that was inherent in Antony was resourceful in his escalation to the position of high powers although the countless faults that he made were consequential to his failure.


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