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Minimum Wage

Despite of Roosevelt’s struggle to alleviate poverty in the U.S, it has since proved to be a hard task trying to maintain a minimum wage for the workers (U.S. Society, 2010). Though a good number enjoy the legal $7.25 per hour, many still languish in pain and suffering of earning less.

The social security meant sustain the elderly persons seems not sufficient. The same is unable to provide for the rising number of elderly people. This happens notwithstanding the efforts of presidents like Lyndon Johnson in the 1960s to introduce programs like Medicaid, Medicare, food stamps including certificates that help poor people purchase food and public housing established using federal expenses and available to people with low incomes.

The 2009 estimates provide that a family of four earning a monthly income of $21954 or less is considered poor; a finding that placed 8.8 million American families in the category (U.S. Census Bureau News, September 16, 2010). Though the rate was higher than a 1994 one, it was 8.1% lower than the first research done in 1959. Such families are entitled to welfare payments and some petty cash provided monthly by the government to enable them obtain necessities.

When the government seem not to be a sufficient provider of the poor, they often turn to private charity organizations and voluntary groups for help. The voluntary groups include the elderly and retired persons. Up to 75% of American families also contribute to the charity organisations.


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