Free «Miscommunication» UK Essay Sample


When dealing with miscommunication, one has to learn the concept of communication at first. Communication is an interaction of people, communicating with each other. Miscommunication, in turn, is a failure of these people to communicate.

One of the most common causes of miscommunication is based on language differences. People using the same language, but living in the different parts of the country or world, might run into a problem of misunderstanding each other, due to the use of the same words but in different meanings. A good example of such miscommunication is English. Americans sometimes experience difficulties communicating with the Australians, as they use different variants of the same language. Language-based miscommunication might also occur due to the attempt of communication between the native speaker and the person, who uses the language as a second one. Foreigners often mispronounce or use the words in different meanings, thus causing trouble of proper understanding of what people tend to say. People need to listen to each other more attentively to avoid such awkward situations.

Other good example of miscommunication is based on the perception of certain notions and world. People of different origins, nationalities or ethnicities have a lot in common, but also differ significantly. Their differences affect the communication process at most. When using some common for one nationality gestures, a person might be offending a person of a different nationality. This causes miscommunication and often negatively affects the relations between entire ethnical groups of people. The miscommunication between certain individuals caused a lot of troubles, including wars and riots. In this case, avoiding miscommunication is possible by learning more about the background of the interlocutor.

Miscommunication might be caused by a lot of factors. In spite of the cause of the miscommunication, it has to be considered seriously, as its consequences might be harmful to other people, who are not involved in the communication process at all.


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