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Multi-Disciplinary Team Working

The multidisciplinary team approach to heath care is an outcome of effort to provide proficient care to patient, and especially those with chronic condition that are related to health. As an approach, the multidisciplinary team approach has created room for the best utilization of resources (Tepper, 2003; Abdullah, et al. 2008). The approach is credited with provision of better patient care, in comparison with the past arrangement, in which only the doctor and the patient got involved. The multidisciplinary team approach yields positive and measurable outcomes. The approach has to involve individual from various disciplines or professionals like the physicians and nurses (Aho, 2001). Others are the dieticians, the pharmacists, and health educators. The social services and mental health providers are also involved so as to ensure and ascertain that the needs of the patient are met. The patient is the biding principal of the individuals constituting the team, whose aim is to provide a holistic health care. The multi-disciplinary team has a common purpose that has be fulfilled. It is a comprehensive response that is useful in brain tumor cases treatment, which requires the involvement of various professionals (Veronica, 2007; Blackmon, 2007).

In MDT, the individual teams members judiciously carry out assessment give expertise input through consultations. The brain tumor patient is therefore provided with proper evaluation and interpretation through proper team coordination. Where there are differing opinions, as professional, there should be discussions and members should come up with a plan with the involvement of the patient (Mitchel, 1993). The patient should therefore feel more secure, as opposed to situations in which he has to interpret situations confronting him or her alone.

In multidisciplinary team, the members should identify gaps that exist and seal breakdown in communication between various professionals. The individual team members’ professional expertise or skills and even their knowledge are enhanced through the MDT. The members are also provided with learning forums, in which all professional have a chance of sharing their specific and general approaches to patient treatment. The multidisciplinary Team approach should address the physical, the psychological and even the spiritual aspects of the patients’ needs, which would in turn translates into improved quality of life of the patient.


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