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Ohio State

Ohio State is dominated by democrats, hence the Mahoning County where Youngstown is located. This can be supported by the fact that Youngstown has been electing democrat mayors since the late 1920s. This has been maintained due to support for democrats provided by the local union. The city has got seven wards represented by councils. All the councils including the council president is elected by the city residents. It is the mandate of the council president to appoint the city clerk. However, to keep the town projects running, there is the board of control which oversees the contracts for public projects within the municipality. The board also supervises the Police department and Youngstown Fire Department.  Parks, civil service, community development, health, planning, and water departments also falls under the board.

Although most counties have majority as democrats than Republicans, it has been witnessed during some elections when a republican wins the governor seat. For instance, Republican John Kasich was elected the governor in 2011. The presidency votes of 2008 that made Barrack Obama the US President almost divided into half with the republicans. This leads me to state that politically, Ohio State holds both democrats and republicans, though democrats are slightly higher in number.

Youngstown city is always very clean and well organized that I always feel that there is a good planning of this city. The department of public works needs to be congratulated for performing their supervisory roles and other responsibilities to ensure organized construction, street cleaning, water waste treatment, litter and waste recycling


I do travel to other cities within our county and across to Trumbull County where I get some of the stereotypes nonresidents hold concerning Youngstown. For instance a friend of mine once told me that our town is dirty, dangerous, and scary. He went ahead commenting that Youngstown is gang ridden hence I should relocate to Trumbull.  On the contrary, my life experience in this city enable to state confidently that Youngstown city is the beautiful city I have ever lived in; it is cool, clean and one can never get bored. It is a city of adventurers as it has everything to offer to anyone. This ranges from sports and nightlife for those who enjoy hanging out in clubs at night to visit the parks and theater.


Having put a cross most of the unique features of Youngstown, I am convinced that this region is, if not the best, then among the best places to stay in. I am sensitive to and embrace other people’s culture as part of our beauty. Our weather condition varies from location to the other depending on seasons, and relief. People who have not stayed here for long are forgiven for stereotypes against for it is only a matter of time and they will attest of the beauty of Ohio.


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