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Performance since Completion

The financial statement of Continental airlines before merging with United Airlines reported a net return of 367 million dollars towards the end of 2010. This included 2.24 minor earnings accountable for each share eliminating the specific services that made the company to achieve 365 million dollars in consecutive years. The net revenue of Continental airlines amounted to 354 million dollars when it included its outstanding commodities. Their passenger revenue also rose by 20.6% towards the end of 2010 than in 2009 the same period. The company’s total revenue during the same period in 2010 amounted to 4.0 billion dollars showing an improvement of 19.2 percent than in 2009.

Continental’s expenses in total improved by 7.9 percent, which in figures is 256 million dollars in 2010 when contrasted to 2009. The company incurred expenses towards the end of 2010, which rose by 102 million dollars, which is an equivalent of 4.3 percent. This amount excludes other expenses like the profit-oriented programs, and products such as fuel. When the two companies merged, the combined airline operates 5,800 flights approximately a day serve up to 371 airports throughout the Americas from the 10 hubs, which are 8 domestic and 2 international.

The two companies finished their merging process on October 1rst towards the end of 2010. During this period, UAL, and Continental have a net loss of 82 and 146 million respectively right before they announced about their merger. The financial statement of the two companies working together amounted to 3.15 million dollars. The factors that contributed to these were the 95 percent casted votes and shares, which was 75 percent. The merged airlines reported higher profits in which the United Airlines earned 387 million dollars while recorded a profit of 354 million dollars.

The Goals and Objectives of the Airlines

The objective of the United Airline is to support the unique programs, enhance a social network to maintain a respectful relationship among the current and the past flight attendants in, and improve on their air services. The goals of the continental airline are to offer reliable and safe means of transportation by air to its passengers.


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