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Polyface Farm

Living is a complex process that has no absolute solutions to problems that rise along the way. The difficulty is in execution of tasks, the tedious nature of processes and unpredictable outcomes of events. Man constantly strives for a better life and living conditions. Expecting the unexpected is what makes living what it is - practicing complexity. The omnivore's dilemma is a continuous process of finding the optimal living style and standard. Practicing is a complex daily process that has no simple aim and cannot be achieved with one simple action. Each action is significant to web of activities, all aimed at achieving a unified goal.

The waking time at the Polyface farm signifies the beginning of a complex day. The challenge begins with a stipulated waking time, which is usually at five o’clock in the morning (Pollan 2006). The nature of the day’s activities requires adequate planning and adhering to schedules. The waking hour, though no one had any breakfast, is significant. The complexity of the day’s chores requires time management. Therefore, failure to adhere to the strictly given timelines for each activity will lead to chaos in the natural schedule of the farm.

The observation of the scenery’s beauty and magnificence are attributed to the farmer's activities. The evidence for this is a string of complex events that culminate in that observation. Chicken pens move from one point to the other. Feeding and watering them as required and the eventual appearance of the landscape are connected. The thick grass and the bird song are variables in practicing complexity. These events and outcomes are not straightforward but rather involve several processes that generate the desired outcome. Despite observation of the marvels of natural processes, the reality remains, and the feeling of wonder is the result of a complex practices that give the desired outcome.

The realization that this spectacle is a result of the environmental standard procedures and recommendations is astounding. Polyface symbolizes a complex reaction against the standard operating procedures and norms. The achievement of the desired results does not necessarily require adhering to standards, but innovations are essential in a society practicing complexity. Industry welcomes new methods and techniques to produce better products and services. The complexity of daily activities makes the finished product desirable and appreciated. Simple things are usually dismissed and ignored. Simplicity brings stagnation and underdevelopment. Therefore, practicing complexity is rewarding and motivating.

The systematic approach to chicken rearing at Polyface farm inspires innovation and industrialization. The system of moving chicken pens, calculating the desired distance and the period of keeping them is a complex process. Measuring the right size of the pens to accommodate a given number of chickens is very important (Pollan 2006). The mathematics involved in making these calculations describes the complex nature of the processes. Polyface farm’s method of fertilizing the soil is unique and innovative. Farmers have observed the benefits of the natural cycle and chose to implement them. A straightforward option would have been the ignoring the movement of the chicken pens.

The practice of moving chicken pens creates a synergetic relationship between the chicken, the land and the farmer. The chicken benefits from the process by being provided with fresh grass every day (Pollan 2006). The land reaps from the chicken’s manure, which fertilizes it, making it more arable and productive. The farmer benefits by rearing healthy chicken and fertilizing his land at a lower cost than if he opted for industrial fertilizers. The practice of complexity is evident in all these processes. It would be unproductive and inconsequential if complicated process were not involved.

Practicing complexity as daily activity cannot be ignored. Life without complexity is aimless and worthless. Complexity defines actions and people by the level and nature of complexity of their lives. There is no single independent action, in one point or another it will require the input of the other one. Therefore, practicing complexity is an indefinite perpetual process that defines everyone and everything.


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