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Prom Date

A prom date can be termed to be a process via which a person of age engages himself or herself in group dating processes with an overall purpose of avoiding conflict with either the parents or his or her guardians. In most of the cases, prom dates are practiced by young chaps and ladies who are usually at a high school and college level students (Sayre & Cynthia, 2009). Consequently they adopt these techniques of dating in order to eliminate any levels of doubt. A prom date requires a whole night stand where the engaged parties socialize and intermingle with each other with an overall purpose of initiating or forming a foundation of knowing each other. Being operative in a group strategy, starters usually have reduced chances of being harassed by their guardians.

Prom date is an important element of culture. Different social settings or groups have their own way of performing and conducting prom dating process. Despite the common and universality of prom date, each cultural group has a peculiar way of singing and tackles specific themes of importance. Depending on the society from which a given kind of prom date is taking place, some elements such as songs can say a lot of things about the society, the culture and the nature of the people.

Last weekend we attended an Arabic Music Night in a night club to listen to their music. It can be said that prom dating is usually an informative issue about the people’s culture and the common themes within any given group (Wingfield, 2007). Consequently a keen person can easily note a number of common aspects or things about the prom dating. This is the reason why prom dating is a very important element of a given social and cultural aspects. After attending a prom dating one can easily understand very element comprised in a prom dating.


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