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Terrorist Scenario


According to Whittaker (2004), for someone to devise a terrorist attack scenario, they must be motivated as well as have some knowledge regarding the specific terrorist activity they want carry out. Most of the terrorists have acquired some military training and have worked as military officers. They therefore have knowledge on how to make terrorist weapons like bombs as well as their effective usage for maximum attack (Jones & Israel, 2001). Terrorists are motivated to carry out terrorist activities against a government especially as a way of protesting (Crenshaw, 1995). For example when a government elevates taxes so that most citizens become unable to buy some basic things for survival, one of the citizens or a group of individuals may plan a terrorist activity against the involved governmental organizations to show them the disagreement. I retired from the United States Army few years ago. As one of the many citizens in the United States, I have been affected by a governmental agency that has its offices in the Amoco building in Chicago. Earlier I visited the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City before and after the bombing that was performed by McVeigh (Hinman & Hammond, 1997). I am motivated to devise the same scenario like the one performed by McVeigh.

Gathering necessary materials

I made a visit to Chicago City and inspected the Amoco building that is my target. I have chosen the Amoco building because of its glass wall that will shatter due to the impact of the bomb blast. I have drawn the diagram of the bomb that I want to construct. I need to gather a number of materials necessary for the construction of the bomb. I will purchase the necessary compounds for manufacturing the bomb since they are readily available in the market. These materials include ammonium nitrate fertilizer, nitromethane, and Tovex. Ammonium nitrate should weigh at about 2000 kilograms, the liquid nitromethane should weigh at about 500 kilograms, Tovex should weigh at about 150 kilograms, ANFO weighing about 17, 000 kilograms, and the spools of canon fuse and shock tube. I also need a rented Ryder truck for carrying the bomb, and a getaway car for a quick escape (Hinman & Hammond, 1997). My attack will be compared to the Hiroshima bombing and not the Pearl Harbor attacks because I don’t want many lives to be lost.

Constructing the bomb

Now I will combine all the materials on the in the rented Ryder truck. I will mix the materials by use of plastic buckets. Extra explosives will be added to the side of the driver since this is where the ignition will be done. The driver should have a pistol type Glock 21 that will use to ignite the mixture if the fuses will fail. I will build the bomb in the Ryder truck in such a way that during the material day, it could not draw any person’s attention (Hinman & Hammond, 1997).

I will take my gateway car and leave it at a place near Amoco building so that few minutes before the explosion, I will escape in the car. I will then go back to drive the Ryder truck with the bomb toward the Amoco building at around 9:00 AM, when most of the people have arrived in their offices. I will pack the Ryder truck at a place where it can affect most of the offices I am targeting to destroy. It is a formality that when a visitor enters through the main gate, especially in a vehicle, he or she must write down their names in the record book. I must be canning in this case and write false names so that to avoid being caught later after the bombing (Hamm, 2002). I will then light the four-minute fuse, lock the Ryder truck, and immediately head to my getaway car to come out of the scene (Hinman & Hammond, 1997). After the explosion, the impact of this bomb will shatter the glass walls and a bigger fraction of the building will be destroyed, therefore increasing the likelihood of destroying all the target offices in the Amoco building.


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