Free «"The Car Wash"» UK Essay Sample

This essay gives a vivid description of “The Car Wash” from a perspective of a first-hand observer. It encompasses the views of interviewees and how their perspectives give a completely new idea of “The Car Wash” from what is popularly known. According to the essay, interviews give an objective opinion of the interviewer to the extent that the information obtained could be totally contradictory to the popular belief. Besides, the essay describes the elements of primary research and why they have become unpopular with time. Further, the essay elucidates a wide range of challenges that make researchers shy away from primary research and always opting for second-hand data (Nigel 53).

The scene of “The Car Wash” had the kind of contrast that would leave any visitor more baffled than hooked up. On one side were “metal scrap” remaining of automobiles while the other side had glittering vehicles probably straight from the company. The movements around were quite meticulous, the style that is characteristic of a wedding show. It was easy to imagine that a little more rush could leave the place literally in disarray from the keenness with which the attendants handled the “new vehicles”. Soon, the “scrap” began to move, albeit slowly, towards the parking lounge. This was to be their place of “manufacture”. I only realized this after a few minutes at the scene. That was when the “scrap metal” I had despised a few moments ago became shiny, achieving the ascribed status of a “new car”. This continued for the next forty five minutes that I stayed at the scene. This was a classical car wash where customer’s vehicles were handled with utmost care. It was quite captivating to watch dirty rugged cars become shiny again in a matter of minutes (Nigel 133).

A walk through the scene presented an opportunity to interview one of the people around. There was a lady simply taking a break from her office-work and so she decided to witness the smartness of the car wash. However, she was quick to note that the place was not always as clean. According to her, the attendants at the car wash really struggled to make the place presentable. She noted that there were several instances when oil spillages would cover the entire place. These often occurred due to the improper closure of the car tanks by the car owners. In fact, there had been a few cases of fire outbreak. However, the management had devised ways to cope up with such eventualities. As such, a visiting personality would get an impression that the place was always spotlessly clean. In fact, it was hard believing the lady’s claim that bad stench of oil spillages would sometimes drive them out of their offices (Nigel 123).

As for me, the place was ideally clean with things moving quite very fast yet so meticulously. The attendants showed a perfect mastery of their skills with the new technology. They used their bug spatters, break dusts and rock chips with utmost care. Although the cars hadn’t been cleaned for a long time, a single touch by the attendants left them sparkling. The customers looked quite satisfied with the job as they sat relaxed at the visitors’ café. Ideally, this is the place to take your car for a cleaning.

In conclusion, the observation trip helped to get a clear picture of exactly what happens at “The Car Wash”. However, the encounters and subsequent interviews with the people around give a perspective that would have otherwise been missed out. These are basically the challenges that first-hand researchers experience, inadequate time and the emergence of fresh ideas. Essentially, it was clear that things are not always as gloomy as they look and that human perfections come with a sacrifice (Nigel 201).

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