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The Concept of Entertainment

The film “In the Next Room” entertains and enlightens the audience. The entertainment concept of the film is brought out through the use of comedy through the actions of some characters (Ruhl, 10). Some of the most entertaining moments in the play include the following: David’s younger son peeped in the toilet as he was on the floor of the Home Depot (Ruhl, 36). The author also brings Jason’s couple explaining some of the reasons for their divorce in hilarious manner. In the film, the concept of entertainment is fulfilled by the fact that audience laughs at the characters’ actions. In the film, audiences are enlightened as it contains a lot of educational concepts especially about marriage and families (Ruhl, 72). They are informed on what they should do when faced with crises in their relationships.

Lighting in the film is based on various scenes and their contents. In the scenes where couples were discussing their marital problems, the movie screen becomes darker (Ruhl, 23). This was with the aim of creating a moment of sympathy to characters, as they went through difficult situations. Fantasies and satisfaction in the film was shown by the use of bright and refreshing light (Ruhl, 74). For example, when the couples were in the Eden West, bright light was used to depict the nature of the environment.

Symbolically, the resort of Eden East was used as a sign of lust and indulgence that most youths pursue (Ruhl, 85). This was emphasized through the use of the unusual light to make it more decorative than the resort of West. Therefore, resort of East represented temptations that most people are likely to succumb to. The characters, both men and women in resort of Eden East were in colorful costumes that were intended to caution the audience about effects of luxurious and ecstasies that are in most cases harmful (Ruhl, 32).

The playwright uses a combination of different elements to convey the overall design of the play. This is through the use of valid acting techniques, lighting, sound effects as well as the setting (Ruhl, 54). She also limits the performers through the use of stage as well as the setting in which most of the activities take place.

Although the film contained serious topics of marriage, the director used special effects to create a relaxing atmosphere. The setting is based in the resort of Eden. The resort is characterized by beauty, breezy music, as well as the lighting moments. This helps to create a visual appeal to the audience (Ruhl, 69). Moreover, it makes the audience more comfortable while viewing the movie. The movie creates a more satisfactory moments through its environment in which it is set. This influences the audiences’ mood and concentration.

As I watched the movie, the most memorable moment is the time where the four couples decided to seek the assistance of the therapists. This gave them a chance to examine their marriage and solve their problems (Ruhl, 56). Through the therapists, the couples that are important to be ready to solve problems not yet indentified in their marriage, as they may be detrimental in the near future. They were apprehensive as they gained knowledge about their potential problems.

The movie was in a position to hold the audience’s attention throughout the play. This was signified by the fact that the audiences were emotionally affected where in some situation they laughed and sympathized with character’s experiences (Ruhl, 49). In general, the play had useful lessons regarding the sexual life of families as well as youths. Married couples also experienced various therapies through the choice of performers in the play (Ruhl, 14). Finally, the film is recommendable to both the youths and married couples. The movie depicts real issues that people have, especially those in relationship go through and how they can be solved.


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